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QCP is taking the works of twelve Australian photo-media artists to Photo LA (15 – 18 January 2015) and Photo Contemporary (1 – 3 May 2015). This series of focus interviews gives an insight into the selected artists.

How did you first become interested in art and photography?
My interest in photography began while I was studying Maths and Finance at university. Back then I had aspirations of being an investment banker and a millionaire, but as time went by and I finished my degree I was starting to become pretty disenchanted with the corporate world. I decided to wait a year before committing to a grad position and let myself get my head together.

I eventually decided to go back to uni and study photography, by this point my priorities had changed dramatically and I was no longer willing to sacrifice my mental and physical health for the monetary rewards of banking. Studying at uni gave me a strong conceptual background to complement my technical competencies, and it was there I began to become absorbed by the previously foreign art world.

What work are you showing in LA?
In LA I am showing two bodies of work, the first being Leftovers at Photo LA and the second By The Way at Photo Contemporary, which are two of my more documentary styled projects. Leftovers captures a rural town in the Darling Down’s that has mostly been bought out by a mining corporation, and looks at the remnants of the community left behind. By The Way is a series taken throughout Australia capturing many different environments form the side of the road. The images are void of human presence but show traces of life, providing an insight into a segment of the Australian identity and our relationship with the landscape.

What are your plans for 2015?
There are many exciting things on the table for 2015. As well as the fairs in LA I am having a solo exhibition at the Perth Centre of Photography for Leftovers, which will be the largest showing of my work to date. I’m also hoping to make a book for the work. I’ve been reading a lot about handmade artist books recently and its something I’d love to have a crack at. Lastly I’ve begun creating sculptural works to try and diversify my artistic skill set. I am getting  a lot of positive feedback on these, so I’m hoping to have the opportunity to create and exhibit some more three dimensional works.

For more information about Chris Bowes and the LA program, please visit the new QCP International website and Chris Bowes’s website.

Banner image: Chris Bowes, photo by Lynette Letic

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