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Corymbia gummifera (bloodwood), Renata Buziak 2012

Ariel Cameron reviews Ogród, an exhibition of works by Renata Buziak, currently held at Hayward Fine Art in Algester, Brisbane.

Ogród (meaning ‘garden’ in Polish) is Renata Buziak’s current exhibition, a collection of works that offer a unique and mesmerising view of nature. Comprised of still works and video projections spanning many years, audiences are able to gain an appreciation for the unique creative process Buziak has developed in her practice. Her work transcends traditional photography and is engaging on many levels, crossing over into both figurative and abstract representations of nature.

Carys, Renata Buziak 2004

Biochrome Carys, Renata Buziak 2004

Buziak’s strong connection to her surrounding environment and interest in microbial interactions is evident in the works she calls Biochromes – a process which involves tracking the decomposition of organic materials on photographic paper. Each image or video offers a new representation of the process leaving viewers not only with an appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the decomposition but also contemplating themes of decay, death, creation and time.

Hayward Fine Art provides an unconventional exhibition space with Buziak’s work spread throughout every corner of the gallery owners house, however moving through the space to discover each image feels natural. The incredible detail and depth of each work demands attention as you are drawn into an impossible palette of colour and texture.

The works featured vary from the grand scale and beauty of images such as Corymbia gummifera (bloodwood) (2012), which draws attention to the artists’ close connection to the native Australian flora she has been working with throughout her career, through to the more intimate Biochrome Carys (2004). These smaller works reveal her unique process, whilst demonstrating how they occupy a unique space amongst photography, artistic creation and scientific control.

Poziomki, Renata Buziak

Poziomki, Renata Buziak 2009

The still images are brought to life in two video projections found in a separate space to the main gallery. Accompanied by a soundtrack composed by Vanessa Tomlinson, one cannot help but become mesmerised by the time-lapse videos of organic decomposition captured by Buziak. Each moment offers a new detail, something you may have missed at first in the microscopic show. Some plants appear to be set alight while others bubble and gurgle with a wondrous array of colours. Tomlinson’s soundscape creates an immersive atmosphere, evoking sounds of nature that align with the projections – at times the works feel peaceful and rhythmic and at other times, full of drama.

Buziak’s work presents viewers with a document of the natural environments she feels close to, from the forests of her Polish childhood to the native plants of Australia. With various publications placed amongst the still images, and Tomlinson’s soundscape playing in the background, Ogród feels like a personal tour of Renata’s career, and is one that should not be missed.

Located at Hayward Fine Art - 2 Acorn Ct, Algester, Brisbane - Ogród runs until the 21st of December.

Please join the artist for a celebration on the closing day: Sunday 21 December, 3-6pm
Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday open 12-6pm, otherwise by appointment.
To arrange a viewing time, please contact Bob on 0432 542 401 or

Renata Buziak, born in Poland, moved to Australia in 1991. In 2006, Renata completed her Bachelor of Photography with First Class Honours at the Queensland College of Art (QCA), Griffith University, Brisbane, where she is currently undertaking her doctoral studies. She is also a Board Member of the QCP. For more information on Renata Buziak please visit her website.

Ariel Cameron is an emerging photographic artist currently based in Brisbane.

Banner image: Corymbia gummifera (bloodwood), Renata Buziak 2012

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