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Lynette Letic 'Little Serbia' 2013

Camilla Birkeland interviews Lynette Letic, QCP volunteer and visual artist.

What is your background in photography and how did you become interested in the medium?
I acquired an interest in photography in my final years of high school, where I first began to work with digital photography. I then moved into the darkrooms where I became familiar with black and white processing and printing which was exciting. After finishing high school, I spent a year doing a Visual Arts course at QUT, but I soon decided I wanted to focus solely on photographic practice so I applied for the Bachelor of Photography at QCA, which is where I am now. My mum is also passionate about photography and has been taking photographs since I was born really, so I think that might have also influenced me in some way!

Lynette Letic

Lynette Letic

What is your role at QCP?
I manage the gallery’s online magazine LUCIDA, through which I regularly publish interviews with photographers and industry professionals that myself or other QCP staff/volunteers have done. We also feature exhibition reviews, essays and stories that may be of interest to anyone practicing or interested in photography.

What projects are you currently working on?
Uni work aside, I am not working on anything specific. I have a couple of ideas in my head for projects that I’ve been meaning to start, the main one being to print a little photo book of a series I did for an assignment last semester. I think it would be nice to do something with that work, particularly to share it with the people who were involved in that project. I also want to organise a small group show in the near future.

Lynette Letic 'Little Serbia' 2013

Lynette Letic ‘Little Serbia’ 2013

Any advice to aspiring photographers?
I think the most important thing you can do with your photography is to share it. Show your photos to the people you live with, people you go to uni with and publish them online. A blog or a website is a great platform for reaching a wide audience today, as we are all well aware. Then of course exhibiting. If you feel you are ready to put your work up on a wall, apply for an exhibition space in a local gallery or if you are at university, look into their facilities. If you are on a low budget, gather some creative friends and apply for a space together. Group shows are always a good way to start exhibiting and as you continue to produce more work overtime, you may find that you might need more wall space so a solo exhibition might be a good idea, provided the funds!

What photographic artists are you currently looking at?
I haven’t been looking at anyone specifically at the moment, mostly browsing names that I stumble across daily on the web. Having said that, there has been some work that I looked at not too long ago and really enjoyed- My Last Day at Seventeen by Doug Dubois and Ingvar Kenne’s Karaoke.

For more information about Lynette Letic, please visit her website.

Camilla Birkeland is the Deputy Director of the Queensland Centre for Photography.

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