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Category archives: EXHIBITION REVIEW


Victoria Cooper reviews Salt Lake a photographic exhibition by Phoebe McDonald at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. Phoebe McDonald’s photographic series, Salt Lake, resonates with her previous work that investigates light and time through the subtle changes and cycles that occur in different environments. Salt Lake (1), created from a ‘retreat’ to Lake Lefroy in Western Australia, exhibits many visual qualities and approaches reminiscent of the 20th century land art movement. [...]


Janeva Zentz reviews Douglas Kirkland: A Life in Pictures at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art. ‘Douglas Kirkland: A Life in Pictures’ was recently presented at GoMA. The show was a testament not only to the enduring career of a skilled photojournalist but also to a tremendous cultural shift in the standard of beauty over the course of the last fifty years.


Erica Molesworth reviews Love Sick at Stills Gallery. In this recent group show at Stills Gallery in Sydney, a collection of photographic and video works by mostly female artists take an offbeat look at love and relationships in a contemporary context. Artists from around the world such as the Japanese/German duo Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi, Tatjana Plitt and Australian collaborators Brown Council present works that satirise, poke fun and offer [...]


Sancintya Simpson reviews Pieter Hugo’s Nollywood at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Alien images confront the viewer upon entering Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art. Pieter Hugo’s photographic series Nollywood blurs perceptions between what is real and unreal, and opens the Nigerian film industry (the third largest film industry in existence) to Western eyes. His multi-layered photographic work brings many pressing questions to light.


Yavuz Erkan reviews Kim Demuth’s ‘Second Hand Pose: Portraits of the unknown’ at Jan Manton Gallery The latest exhibition at Jan Manton Art Gallery showcased 16 mixed-media sculptural photographs by Kim Demuth. Just like holograms, they reveal many surprises when viewed from particular angles.


Yavuz Erkan and Alan Edgecomb discuss ‘Beneath the Ridge: A photo documentary of Lighting Ridge, NSW’ Beneath the ridge is a group exhibition of photography and e-journalism students from Queensland College of Art. It was put together after two weeks of condensed shooting and editing for the In-Field Social Documentary course. With such fieldwork opportunities happening again in the future, emerging photographers are encouraged to learn and translate their experience through [...]