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Category archives: OTHER

OBITUARY // ROSE FARRELL (1949 – 2015)

In the last ten years, a sad symmetry enveloped the lives of the photographic artists Rose Farrell (1949–2015) and her life partner and collaborator George Parkin (1949–2012). Rose was the first to be struck with cancer but gratefully survived for several years. In the meantime, however, George was also hit by the fatal disease and succumbed to it rapidly; then Rose, days after George’s death, discovered that her own malignancy [...]


In celebration of Brisbane’s vibrant arts scene, we have collated a list of various galleries, ARI’s and alternative exhibition spaces in Brisbane. They range from larger galleries and institutions, contemporary exhibition spaces and commercial galleries, to artist run spaces, studios and cafes. Take note, not all the local Artist Run Initiatives have a permanent exhibition space, however are open to collaboration with artists and performers. Artists can contact an ARI [...]

QCP Second Statement

Dear Friends, Following our statement on Monday the 11th of November in relation to the announcement by the Queensland Government’s cut of triennial funding for the Queensland Centre for Photography from the start of 2014, we now have some news for you. The QCP would like to inform the community that it has reached an agreement with its partners to maintain the QCP venue open till the end of April. [...]

QCP funding cuts statement

Dear Friends, On the 31st of October the Queensland Government announced it would no longer provide triennial funding for the Queensland Centre for Photography from the start of 2014. The Government has cut the core funding of QCP by $170,000 per annum. The QCP has played a leading role in Queensland and across Australia promoting the work of photo-media artists, supporting industry growth both nationally and internationally. Over the last [...]


Robert Nelson remembers George Parkin Understandably, most artists think of their powers of vision as a distinction, a faculty that sets them apart, that distinguishes their work from the work of contemporary and past artists. George Parkin, on the other hand, saw his formidable gift of vision as a resource to be shared with his equally gifted life-partner Rose Farrell.